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Did you know?

A dog cannot perspire. A dog can only get cool from the paw areas and the tongue. How small of an area is that compared to their body mass? A dog left outside in the AZ Summer of 100 degrees and up is like you sunbathing fully clothed in a raincoat with a furcoat over it. Can you imagine how uncomfortably hot that is? Not only that, the dog can easily overheat and get a heatstroke which can cause brain damage. Animals can feel like you can feel. So if you get hot in the Summer or cold in the Winter so can they. Some short haired dogs will even need a sweater to try to help gain some warmth in cold weather.

In milder weather, if you have to leave your pet outside please remember to leave plenty of fresh clean water in a clean bowl in a covered area. Your pet will also need a covered area with a comfortable bed to take shelter from heat/cold/rain/wind.

Sadly that still does not protect your cat or dog from irresponsible children/adults with BB-guns or people driving without looking when your pet might be trying to cross the street or unattended stray dogs or even neighbor's dogs jumping the fence and attacking your pet.

Also, vaccinating pets is crucial to the future of good health for your pets. But please get it done at a profesional place by profesional people. Do not have false security thinking your pet has been vaccinated thus immune towards some diseases while actually they are not because the vaccines were not done the correct temperature or during the right intervals.

Please remember, a forewarned person counts as two and better preventing than curing.

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