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We do our best to provide kind, caring, effective and efficient professional services for your pet and you!

The iFestival

The iFestival is a new fun and interactive festival where we will showcase the newest affordable technology through the various Exhibitions, Demonstrations and Seminars. All packed full of easily absorbable knowledge, in depth but not overwhelming.

There will a special dedicated Pet Corner in which we want to introduce the new technology available to Pet Owners and their Pets. We would like to help facilitate the life of Pet Owners in the newest ways to handleand monitor their Pets.

Santis Pet Clinic and Maxaudience will be the 2 first sponsors of this festival.

We welcome donations, volunteers and all others to this festival.

Come join us and get involved in this fun festival.

Where & When:

Phoenix, AZ

to be announced at a later date

For questions please go to The iFestival Website


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Santis Pet Clinic

Welcoming all Sponsors, Exhibitors, Demonstrators & Speakers wanting to participate!